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Seth Godin on standing out

Among the TED thousand videos, "Seth Godin on standing out" will be kept to the top of the charts for a long time. Find here below his presentation talking about "beeing remarquable" a suject developped in is book : Purple Cow . Have a look to the other videos classified by domesticatingit. Some of them really deserved your attention. Souces : Domesticating : Top 5 TED Talks for Inbound Marketers | Jon DiPietro is Domesticating IT

Lean startups

Through Shmula , I went to the Eric Ries' You Tube channel and I watched two of his interviews done by Scobleizer : The Lean Startup, Part I/II". Eric Ries writes and has popularised the term "Lean Startups. At the beginning of his interview Eric establishes the software context: Compared to the traditional industries, this discipline has no physical constraints. Consequently the developers' imaginations are directly translated into a real product. Eric has ten years experience as an entrepreneur and he saw so many talented people building software that nobody wanted. So he digs the concept of Lean start-up from his research to help entrepreneurs test their ideas right from the beginning of their activity. At the beginning of a start up, Eric would: Have a vision to change the world, Test elements of his vision on customers, Have a Problem Team, a part of the company dedicated to understand what customers' problem they try to s