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Thoughts after ALE2011

Last April 2011, while I was recovering from organising Mix-IT , I kept coming back to the proposal to be an ALE2011 organiser. While 40 people had already committed, I posted a yes, telling myself, I would only spend a few minutes per week. However, like all the main organisers, I spent a few dozen nights working and collaborating through these Internet tools. I loved it! By committing to this event, I wanted to: get back into the international scene find practical tips and knowledge related to my professional context organise an international event from home find links from the Agile Lean European community to my local on These last days, participants, speakers and organisers have already explained ( see feedback page ), that the main differentiators with any other event, were the attendees’ engagement and their willingness to spontaneously share. For the first time in my life, among the few dozen people I met, I didn’t have to make a single effort with any