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Mix-IT, Lyon, the 5th of April

Last November, we, the Cara Lyon team , met the JUG guys to talk about organising a day of sharing.  After a two hour conversation, we decided to have a conference at the beginning of April, where speakers will discuss Agile, Java/EE new trends (Devops, NoSQL, HTML5). Mix-IT was born. I must admit that even though my current professional life is overwhelming, I find a real pleasure spending a few hours a week, working with the Mix-IT team.  Up to now, the CARA Lyon organisation was based on a "go it alone" strategy. The JUG guys, even though they are young, work more on an “invite a specialist and find sponsorship” strategy. I definitely can't decide between both strategies today, because I do not know the impact of the size of both communities and their attractiveness to companies. Here we go : Mix-IT will occur on the 5th of April 2011 in Lyon at the Epitech Computer School located 5 minutes walking distance from the Lapardieu train station. Mixity or mixité

Happy new year 2011

I wish you a great new year 2011. I started this blog two years ago, because " Simplifiez-vous la vie numérique " was a place dedicated to sharing with my friends and there was no room for my professional concerns. I have to admit I'm not prolific but at least I found a place to share the knowledge with which I would like to improve myself. Consequently, if you find interesting videos or articles about lean, product management, innovation, digital world, please send them to me. My email is available at the right side of this blog.