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5in5 Interviews

I don't use an eTablet yet and do not know if, like current IPad users, I will spend 20 percent of my time with it in bed.
Today, paper books are still prevalent for learning subjects in depth, and the Internet is becoming a community TV platform using a short length format.
For example have a look at Chris Moody's Channel "5in5 Interviews". 5 minutes, 5 questions around marketing and product management.

Sources :
Npdgroup Blog : NPD Group Blog » I Own An iPad, So What Do I do With It?
YouToube :  Chris Moody Channel

Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team

There is something I profoundly hate: the appropriation of everything by over-enthusiastic people to their cause. Each time they have an opportunity to incorporate a form, a concept or a human behaviour to their religion, they spread the world with tonnes of material justifying their beliefs.
After, such a demonstration, please be sure, that by presenting the following video, I have no reason to doubt my chosen religion.

Enjoy these 7 minutes...

Thanks Didier, for the link.
Sources :
TED : Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team

Agile Grenoble 2010

Agile Grenoble is the largest event of this discipline in France. It will occur the 23th November 2010 at the Alpes Expo.
Please find the programme here.

Find pictures of Grenoble here and skiing resorts may be open at this date....

12 Agile Adoption Failure Modes

Changing a corporate culture is always a nightmare, and if your software company needs to switch to Agile, it could be even worse.

For example, last year, I was quite reassured by the good results with Agile, I mean at least our teams were definitly engaged. Then, I talked with a friend who works in a similar professional context to mine. He explained to me how chaotic the "scrum" was, where every morning, the project manager was fighting people while standing in front of a board.

As Jean Tabaka does in her talk at Agile 2009 Australia, above, I used my friend's situation to explain one case of agile failure.
I don't want to copycat the 12 failures described by Jean tabaka so :
Read them on InfoQ,Check her presentation slides here,Finally listen to her, here below.

Team profiles

After years of doubt about finding a way to work effectively, with less stress due to the recurrent bugs spinning back from my customers, I finally plunged into the lean/agile world.

I can tell now that by using agile methodology, I found a way to work with most of the current human profiles I meet in my professional life. Team work, definitely means something in this weird software world where communication has not always been a common asset.

While reading the "team management profile" chapter of the "Agile Teamwork: The Leadership - Self-management Dilemma" article, I tried to remember several professional events where each profile was involved.
Then, I was wondering if I could give some preference to a few profiles when building team or if I would prefer to have them all.
Personally, I really don't want to have defeatists with me nor the type described in this article.
I can see that the self managed team minimises each individual behaviour type, but I don&…