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Organising a conference, Mix-IT 2012

On the 26th of April 2012, Mix-IT 2012 took place in Lyon. This second edition was handled by the same team as the first. As the internal organisation had matured, the team was more relaxed and the pressure only soared in the last days before the conference. The following paragraphs concern my own feelings and what I learned. This is not the Mix-IT team view, which is available on the Mix-IT web site. Organising an IT conference is a pleasant exercise, mainly due to the rewards of meeting passionate people and skilled speakers. Hereafter, find a list of points to address when you want to launch a conference and my current opinion related to Mix-IT.   Defined goals : If you just launched an event without goals in mind, being consistent in the organisation would be hard. Choices would be difficult to make and would lead to long hours of unproductive discussion. For me, the Mix-IT goals are: The entry price must be affordable to every IT guy. Even an unemployed person sh