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Music: From Monoculture to Silots

  I recently watched a video titled " What’s a Monoculture? How Artists Are Bigger and Smaller Than Ever " on YouTube, which got me thinking about the shift from music monoculture to silos. This change has significantly impacted how we consume and experience music today. Monoculture and Silos: - Monoculture: This refers to a shared cultural experience where a few artists or pieces of content dominate the global scene. This was more prevalent during the MTV era when music videos and a few popular artists shaped the music landscape. - Silos: In contrast, silos represent the fragmented nature of modern media consumption. Different groups of people are exposed to different content based on their preferences, leading to a more personalized but less universally shared experience.   How Did This Happen? Here is a timeline of the last 70 years of modern music to illustrate this shift: Pre-MTV Era (1950s-1980s): - Music was primarily consumed through radio, records, and live