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Call for speakers to share with our Local Agile community

 During the ALE2011 unconference, a few of us spoke about local communities and ways to improve them through the ALE network. Hereafter, I tell you about what we are doing in Lyon this year and then ask you how we can share tips and get speakers to come here. What we used to do When we started having monthly meetings two seasons ago, we tried to produce slide-shows by ourselves or we took them from the Internet. Then, we presented them to the small group of attendees. We really understood we were missing interaction with people and also that the core volunteers were getting tired. The second year, we mixed games and conferences in different ways. But even though the sessions were improving, we were struggling to satisfy all attendees. Beginners felt the sessions were too high-level, and others were expecting more expertise or a different format. While writing these lines, I feel like we still miss something. Although we want to spread the best AGILE/LEAN practices to our

Scrum introduction in 10 minutes

There are several ways to advertise your products and publishing a video tutorial on YouTube is a pragmatic one. Have a look at the one below from Hamid Shojaee from axosoft to understand the Scrum roles and artifacts.