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xALEc first session

Update:  please find the xALEc Dashboard here.

xALEc is an ALE online open space using Google Hangouts every Monday 9:30 pm CET.

Adrian, (@adibolb), Jaumes (@JaumeJornet ) and I had the first xALEc session on December 12th, 2011.
The session was like a physical open space session: a great conversation, not focusing precisely on the proposed subject. We collected a few tips and answers to questions we hadn’t asked ourselves before the beginning of the session.

So it works, and please find below some remarks and a few improvements to consider for the next ones.

Twitter is the best place for sharing links before the sessions using the #xALEc tag.Sessions can be proposed anytime during the day.The session starts at 9:30 pm.Leaders may prefer to open the Google Hangout with extras, 5 minutes before the session,The language barrier will broken after 5 minutes of conversation (enjoy each accent). We are not there to speak English but to improve our Agile/Lean knowledge.Yes, talking directly …