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ALE Network, my first understanding

As I explained in a previous blog post , I feel that trying to progress only by using books, the Internet and our local agile community exchanges does not provide us/me the tools to be really efficient. A few months ago, Alexandre sent me an Internet link to a group of Europeans who intend to build a network with different goals. If you read Olaf’s post , you will understand the full story, but the first important event was in Madrid at the XP2011 conference, where more than 30 people proposed a vision of the ALE Network . That is summarized in the video below. Utopian? If you take a look at the ideas , I bet you would tell yourself: there are too many ideas and nothing realistic will happen. A network the size of Europe seems big to me from a transport point of view. I was thinking myself about making a call this summer, but I was thinking about a closer border. It could be the Franco-Provençal territory first, then its extension would be done step by step. But the ALE

CARA Lyon Retrospective 2010-2011

The “ Club Agile Rhône Alpes ” was born in Grenoble and then, its creators helped us, Lyon citizens, to develop a section in our town . On Tuesday 7th of June, we hold a retrospective of this year’s activities. This backward-looking session also helped us to exchange about our general feelings of Agile/Lean in our area. Previous to the retrospective, Stephane made a brief introduction of his telecom lab and concluded by asking questions like: How could I teach agile to my students? What is the first step for agile in a research context? I understood Stephane is interested to be more active in our community. This is great news, because our active group was mostly composed of coaches and industrial profiles. Having a researcher will probably help us to define clearer goals and also push us to review the new research papers in our fields of knowledge. Welcome Stephane. Romain led the retrospective and proposed the speedboat game to achieve it. We didn’t accurately follow the fin