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Security Podcasts. Looking for agile ones

Last year, on my French blog, I listed all the Security Podcasts I tried to listen to, at least once. The Internet is in a perpetual movement and yesterday when browsing this list, I was amazed to see that 90% of the podcasts are still alive. Today, I'm a little busy with going deeper into the Agile world, so I only listen regularly to two security podcasts: Risky business : Patrick Gray is really doing a good job here. First he knows the security staff, travels to attend the Hat convention and has a good network. So Risky Business is for me the best podcast to get in touch with security news and to listen to a broadrange of expert guests. Sometimes, I would like Patrick to slow down and not to call his guests by phone to improve my understanding, but that's a detail. Security Now : Security Now was my first regularly followed podcast and also one of the best listening exercice, to practice english. Security Now is a permanent security tutorial, where Steve Gibson, takes the t

A blog, for what?

When I started blogging in French on the web at " Simplifiez-vous la vie numérique ", I didn't really know what the content of the blog would be. After one month I understood that all the emails and explanations I was sending to my friends would have found a better home on my blog than being forgotten in their mailboxes. So I mainly posted content related to their questions and sometimes made some research to improve my knowledge. Today, I need to share my current professional experiences and this blog should be a point where I write my questions and the steps to the answers.

Here we are

Finally, I bought the domain name to post my questions and reckoning around my professional activity. I'm not sure I will constantly fill it, but at least, this should help me to write in English.

Having a logo

Tell me about this logo. That's suppose to be a question mark. ----- Links, claims : Technorati Profile