Thursday, April 30, 2009

Security Podcasts. Looking for agile ones

Last year, on my French blog, I listed all the Security Podcasts I tried to listen to, at least once.

The Internet is in a perpetual movement and yesterday when browsing this list, I was amazed to see that 90% of the podcasts are still alive.
Today, I'm a little busy with going deeper into the Agile world, so I only listen regularly to two security podcasts:

Risky business: Patrick Gray is really doing a good job here. First he knows the security staff, travels to attend the Hat convention and has a good network. So Risky Business is for me the best podcast to get in touch with security news and to listen to a broadrange of expert guests.
Sometimes, I would like Patrick to slow down and not to call his guests by phone to improve my understanding, but that's a detail.

Security Now: Security Now was my first regularly followed podcast and also one of the best listening exercice, to practice english. Security Now is a permanent security tutorial, where Steve Gibson, takes the time to explain and reexplain the fundamentals of security and goes deep in the weekly technical exploits and vulnerabilities.
The sound quality is perfect and Leo Laport positions himself as a non-techical guy to summarize the explanations and make sure the listeners are not lost in the details.

Now, I would really enjoy to subscribe to podcasts about agility.
Do you have any links for me?

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