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Refactoring for sale

Among the technical list given by Mikael Boman in his post dedicated to product owners, "Practice #4: Refactoring " is for sure, the most difficult to agree with. Version control system, Continuous integration, Automated testing are concepts around tools, consequently their deployment has a visual, understandable, palpable result, so there is no worry justifying their costs. If you don't get the Practice #6: Collective code ownership, wait for a few years until developers leave your company and then you will get it. Simple design: While the indicated article focuses on product owners, the simple design concept is obvious to many of us, but developers could feel it as a bridling of their creativity. While we all need to establish a software knowledge culture, where ideas around code design and patterns are understood, we face a dilemma when it comes to asking for simple creation. I didn't find a good way to recommend, but practices like pair programming and cod

Enterprise social software

Last century, I used to send to my colleagues a constant flow of emails with links I considered relevant to our work. Experience has shown me that pushing information to people doesn't mean they assimilate the essence of the content. Worse, if you send too many messages they will get ignored and after filling up your colleagues' mailboxes, they will tend to automatically bin them. Pushing information is definitively a waste of time for both the sender and the receivers. While the enterprise's knowledge is supported by the enterprise content management , the availability of web tools has led many organisations toward Enterprise social software . A blog for a project, for a service or for the general news, are surprisingly adopted without an effort of persuasion, where the traditional content management tools have failed. Easy to use, and effective with a small amount of writing are the main characteristics of this technology. A wiki is a group of web pages that people can ed

Happy new year 2010

Happy new year 2010 and don't forget to watch the apple product line strategy video here below. A good resource to prepare your product strategy. Thanks to David Ha for this summary. Sources : Wikipedia : Apple Inc. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia