Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Enterprise social software

Last century, I used to send to my colleagues a constant flow of emails with links I considered relevant to our work. Experience has shown me that pushing information to people doesn't mean they assimilate the essence of the content. Worse, if you send too many messages they will get ignored and after filling up your colleagues' mailboxes, they will tend to automatically bin them. Pushing information is definitively a waste of time for both the sender and the receivers.

While the enterprise's knowledge is supported by the enterprise content management, the availability of web tools has led many organisations toward Enterprise social software.

A blog for a project, for a service or for the general news, are surprisingly adopted without an effort of persuasion, where the traditional content management tools have failed. Easy to use, and effective with a small amount of writing are the main characteristics of this technology.

A wiki is a group of web pages that people can edit just by clicking on a button. Current wikis have a WYSIWYG interface that most users are comfortable with, a good improvement from the first wiki.

But wikis are the best for collaboration. Watch the following picture directly copied from the wikinomics blog and you see which waste has been eliminated.

Wiki adoption in the Enterprise is something different from the uptake of blogs. If you want to succeed in deployment of wikis, you will need to step back, get the good people and avoid classic mistakes and that's what you'll find on the wikipatterns website.

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