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The Carbon Footprint of Art: My Reflections After U2 Sphere Concert

A few years ago someone told me about the carbon footprint, with a target of 2 tonnes per person. This influencer listed a few ways I could reduce my global footprint. Since then I have changed a few things in my life to reduce my carbon footprint. I have made my home colder, eaten less meat, cycled to work, driven less, shared car journeys and used green transport. In reality, nothing really changes as I still drink wine and beer, eat cheese and exercise.😋 Last summer I went to a local music festival and someone was talking about the carbon footprint of art. But I had never thought about the carbon footprint of art before, and it really came to my mind with the U2 concert series that started at The Sphere in Las Vegas. The visuals of the concert are amazing . But it made me think again about the carbon footprint of art. So I decided to get an average idea of the carbon emissions of the U2 concert from the travel of the attendees. When I compared this with the annual CO2 emissions of