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Mix-IT, Submissions and Registration are open

Mix-IT will occur on the 5th of April 2011 in Lyon at the Epitech Computer School located 5 minutes walking distance from the Lapardieu train station. Mixity or mixité (in French), pronounce it as you like, but there is only one spelling: Mix-IT and its domain name is . By mixing agile, test, java, craftsmanship and new trends (NoSQL, HTML5, etc.), you will have a full day conference to share and improve your kwoledge in these domains. Due to the limited number of seats, make sure you book your place now . Also,  we are now accepting submissions for proposals for the event.

Amber Case: We are all cyborgs now

While watching Amber Case's presentation "We are all cyborg", I tried to link to my own life, the examples she gives. Definitely, she proposes valuable insight to step back and understand, our second life and cyborg state. Check her bio here and then watch the video with your favorite subtitles.

Sir Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigm

Sir Ken Robinson definitely has a great capacity for communication. Please find below an animation based on his talk at the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) about the changing education paradigm. Just as the RSA is a good source of knowledge, TED is also huge. You can follow the backstage of TED with him and another guy, by watching the video below. There is more videos on Sir Ken Robinson Website . Sources : RSA : Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce Sir Ken Robinson : the element Vimeo : Behind the TEDTalk 2010