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Eric Schmidt at the Management Lab Summit

Everybody can blame their top managers for a good reason. But we can really judge them when they talk about us from outside the company. How many times do they need to say that we are smart, to make sure we believe them? What is Eric Schmidt's score?

Mobile phone, everywhere, everybody, how to avoid their e-wasting?

Communities dominate is one of my favorite blogs for improving my knowledge about mobility. I already referred to it , but they have posted one more amazing article that shows the astonishing penetration of mobile phones today: 50% in Africa, more than 200% in United Arab Emirates. There are more phone subscribers than those with permanent access to electricity or water. And again the main tool is SMS with 4.2 billion users compare to the 5.2 billion phone subscribers. As discussed in the article comments , the number of sold phones is composed of new users and replacements. The replacement rate is between 18 and 32 months, according to the sources available on the Internet. We could believed that we are in front of another planned obsolescence , but this is only a permanent race for new features in the phone industry. Three years ago, when I started to work in the mobile phone industry, I was trying to have an opinion about what would be the next step and where the enterprise

My Blackberry Is Not Working! - The One Ronnie

British humour will never die. Thanks to the BBC and the Ronnie show .

Agile Excellence for Product Managers

A few months ago, I prepared with my CARA colleagues, a session named: How to sell agile to my customers and my executive management. During the preparation, we defined some typical profiles, not related to their position, but their personality (e.g. a person with a sales behaviour). Then, for each one, we tried to define the significant factors that make their lives easier and also those that may be seen as detrimental to them. Of those who see some interest in the results, some people, smart people, will ask for references to move forward. Most of the literature about agile, focuses on software development. We can find books about agile business, but these are generally a second step in the understanding of this culture. So we need a book that is not too technical and lightweight. I proposed Agile Excellence to my colleagues and friends and considering their feedback, I highly recommend it. I bought this book for myself because I was looking for a handbook focusing on my