Friday, June 12, 2009

It's about writing.

"I am writing now only because of the growing
feeling that my time is short. This has awakened within
me the desire to transmit, to leave something small
No, my time is not yet near its end, but I chose the above sentence as a sample from Mara, a free book to introduce Adam Biles' web site.

Although, I adopted blogging as a way to freely share my knowledge, I'm always astonished when I'm inhaling artists' free online content.
Free is great but ...
How can artists make their life comfortable, meaning at least eating every day and living in a proper home, if they are not paid for their work?
As a country guy, I'm envisioning enthusiasts such as the garden vegetable or the flower growing people,
As a computer guy, I'm always imagining passionate people such as the open source developers or the core wikipedia volunteers.
As an art lover, not of branded art, but of wild culture art, I can't bear to see millions of Van Goghs dying with no consideration in life.
So if you get pleasure by reading Adam or other free contents please consider to sending a fee.

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