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Mobile platforms

Watching Steve Levin's talk on Infoq about multiple mobile platform development, I asked myself the average time I concentrate on each product management skill.
Refering to the 280group manifesto,I understand this talk will help me to improve my market and the technology knowledge.

About platforms, I recorded the following remarks.
Each platform has something annoying:
  • The Iphone's black-boxed application validation process,
  • Android UI which needs to improved,
  • Windows mobile and its API, badly implemented by manufacturers,
  • Blackberry's OS which is based on an old one.
If you want to know more about one subject, go to the video and click on the question that is stir your interest. The video will be set to the question to which you need an answer.

From the distribution point of view, I really agree with his remarks about the Apple Store, that I would summarize thus:
  • Apple has a built-in store system and nothing more has to be done by the end user (e.g. adding an application installer),
  • People do not really want to buy applications, but want to buy many different things using a common process. The Apple store is mobile supermarket.
  • People want to pay for and use an application regarding a current need. So the "In purchase application model" is an answer to the user's wishes (e. g. I'm travelling to Greece and I want the mountain map of the islands for two weeks).
Source :
280group : Product Management Manifesto
Infoq. : InfoQ: Steve Levin on Challenges Developing for Multiple Mobile Platforms
Apple: In App Purchase - Get Ready for iPhone OS 3.0 - iPhone Developer Program


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