Sunday, November 20, 2011

Read bead experiment

The "Read bead experiment" was created by Dr. Edward Deming and aim to demonstrate the ineffectiveness (sometimes effectiveness) of the various management methods.
At the end of the experiment, a statistical
graphical tool is used to analyse the experiment's results.
By following this exercise, you will understand that actions taken by the people playing the managers are detrimental to the employees, but after the analyses are shown to have no impact on the efficiency of the process .
The conclusion proposes ways to properly use performance data in a quality environment in order to achieve continual improvement.
The several videos by Fluor Hanford (Steve Prevette) posted below, will help you to understand what is really important in a process.
Meet the  company  with its "willing workers", quality control personnel, a data recorder, and a foreman. All wish to produce white beads using a 50 holed paddle, but unfortunately there are bad quality red beads.
If you are in a hurry, go directly to part5, minute 2:40 of the video to watch the conclusion of the experiment.

If you don't know Dr. Edward Deming, whatch the video below.

Alexis Monville  has published another refreshing video with the same experiment: Expérience des billes rouges (French speaking).

01/07/2011: Published,
11/20/2011: Insert Alexis's video.

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s-e-h-n- said...

Hi Franck,

it think that this should be a good idea to present this read bead experiment during a CARA Agile session.
What do you think ?


Franck Depierre said...

Hi Stephane,

Yes, we can propose this as an expert session to explain system variation.