Monday, August 1, 2011

The New rules of Marketing & PR

I like to read books around my professional world and, a few months ago, I bought the well-known book “The new rules of Marketing & PR” by David Meerman Scott (See previous post).
I don’t want to bash out one more book review here, as many have been found on the web for years. Hereafter, I’ll just give my different steps of perception, feelings and progress, I had during and after the reading of this book.

On my first reading, I was happy to discover the first chapter because I was, at this time, more of a product security software guy, than someone with marketing knowledge. Consequently, I understood that even if this book was aiming to help old school marketers, it would also help me to understand both cultures; print and digital marketing.
When, I returned to this chapter, I stepped back and really felt how much the Internet had impacted the marketing world. And today, when I watch marketing behaviour around me, like spreading content to everybody and finally overwhelming them; I realize how lost people are.

The next chapters present the current situation of the web, with online content, videos, buzzes and social networks. To be frank, on my first reading, I didn’t understand why presenting life on the web was important.
Life, I said life! As an always-connected guy, presenting the context of the Internet was for me, useless content, but is this book really aimed at people like me?

The last part of the book propose some tools and principles to market on the web. At the first reading, I felt it was obvious to implement them. Later, I had to prepare a plan and I really appreciated having such a reference tool.

I was wondering if a transitional book like this, would have a long life? What will a twenty year old guy think about it in ten years?

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