Wednesday, November 30, 2011

xALEc - An ALE open space online

Update:  please find the xALEc Dashboard here.

Last week, I talked with Olaf and Marcin about the possibility of meeting ALE guys online and sharing ideas and problems. But how could it be done?

Using Internet communication tools for group conversations became a common practice a few years ago. Skype has been mainstream for this purpose for years. Due to its paid video offer for groups, only the voice system is really used.
Google has proposed its Hangout system for a few months with a free video offer for groups. The availability of this function allows everybody to think about free group meetings online. Also, the facilities to use Google Documents in the hangout, provides a full online collaboration framework. Still to come, Google promised, a streaming facility for the people who want to listen to a conversation (on air).

The open space format is finding more and more advocates in a wide range of communities and contexts.
Future conferences will be more a mixture of different flavours. A flexible format, driven by the participants combining traditional sessions, open space, games and social exercises, all planned late or on site. The maturity of the attendees is soaring and soon organisers will probably have to think differently, because the participants will ask to have more power.

Anyway, we cannot attend hundreds of conferences a year, but we can build ways to feed our desire to progress.

  • Imagine, you are at home and you have a little bit of energy to talk about a problem you faced the previous week. It would be nice to broadcast a message and to find friends to exchange with. But people are booked all the time, except maybe Monday night. Also, you would prefer a time boxed exercise, programmed when children are in bed and your stomach is well fed.
  • Imagine, you are in a hotel, a little bit tired, and you don’t want to spend too much time reading articles, but instead having a short sharing session about last week’s trends
  • Imagine, anything that you can propose to your community as a 30 minute subject, that anybody can participate in.

Draft for xALEc

xALEc will start every Monday from the 12th December, at 9:30-10:00 pm CET. Anybody can propose a subject she/he will lead, using the twitter hashtag #XALEC. The proposal can be made anytime on Monday.
If some people agree to participate in this session, its leader will open “a Google Hangout with extras” and invite the Google+ xALEc circle.

It would be nice if the leader started the session by sharing a drawing, a document, his screen or any other media.

I started to share the xALEc circle, so please tweet me, @FranckDepierre, if you want to join.

The rules of the Open space will be applied.
Well, your two feet could be replaced by your finger on your mouse.

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