Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Didn't register yet to the European Agile event 29-31 August in Paris?

I tell you, I’m not an expert in agile, just someone who found solution to my professional problems using agile methodologies. If you are convinced too and want to move further, please join us at the end of august, for a lot of open discussions and fun.

Things are moving forward in the ALE 2016 organisation. Already, a great diversity of people answer to our call as shown below, but we need more.
Yes the ALE 2016 will be great as it has always been since 2011 in Berlin. For those who do not know about the yearly ALE event, please find below a few tips.

What is it? 
If you do not know yet about the Agile Lean Europe event, here a few tips.
  • ALE is a event for practitioners, meaning people who already practice agile methodologies like developers, modern CEO, teachers, leaders, etc. 
  • Sharing ideas and solving problems are the ALE mains goals: people can propose topics where they share their experience, other can ask to solve a problem the can’t alone 
  • The event formats helps the participants to share, propose more than an usual well define listening to speakers chosen by the event organisers 
  • Most of the program will be defined during the conference because the good topics are those who interest the participants. So we will have a big paper board and at the beginning of the day, those who have topics to propose will stick post-it on available session slot. Multiple sessions will be run at the same time. No worries if you don’t have a topic/question, let participate the session that interest you most.

How to plan your participation?
If you didn’t register yet, please go to the ALE2016 website and click on “Ticket” at the upper right. Then proceed as usual online.
We recommend the hotel Ibis Styles Paris Massena on regarding the price and the proximity to the event venue.

Kids and Spouse program 
I will be be part to the program dedicated to those who are coming with the participants. If your husband or wife will participate to ALE and you want to be there with your family, please join us.

If you don’t feel comfortable to come or have more question, please contact me. You can also read others post on the ALE16 website.

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